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Redecorating of kitchen, hallway and stairs. This was done to a very high standard and care was taken to protect surfaces and clean up each day. They were willing to complete extra finishing touches that were not part of the original quote. Very friendly and reliable and we would thoroughly recommend.- Sarah Cornelius
We had bad leak damage that needed fixing. The walls in the bathroom were plastered and painted. Ceilings in the bathroom, hallway, lounge and kitchen were filled in and painted. The walls in the kitchen were fixed and painted, and one wall in the lounge.<br /> Can’t find any fault with the job done. The end result looks really nice and and we are very happy with it. Friendly workman, did a good job keeping limited mess as much as possible and cleaning up after. Work completed quicker than we were expecting.<br /> We would definitely recommend them to others.- Rebecca Owen
Redecorated Hall stairs and landing after a leak. Work was completed to a good standard and completed on time. They were very careful to protect surfaces before they started and cleaned up well at the end of each day which was very helpful as I have a 3 year old that wants to get into everything. They also went above and beyond and completed a couple of additional things I forgot to mention at the initial quote.- Kay Scott
Phil arrived and I explained that I wanted a kitchen dinner and the utility room updated in line with the kitchen.He arranged for the kitchen to be designed and then proceeded to knock down a wall and fit the kitchen and utility room lay new flooring in both rooms and decorate throughout to a good standard of finish. Unfortunately for me I have had problems with my roof and chimney which he is currently working on.- Family Reed
P J Fowler installed new French doors to replace some old sliding doors and replaced some guttering for me. Both installations were problem free and we’re really happy with the results. I would definitely recommend P J Fowler to others.- Simon Mace

You can contact PJ Fowler with the details below, or alternatively fill out the enquiry form.

Our aim is to be the South East’s company of choice for homeowners creating a bespoke designed, high quality, value for money extra room that lasts

PJ Fowler
13 Nightingale Close, Sevington, Ashford, Kent TN24 0TP

Office and Installation Department : 01233 500 655
Sales Enquiries : 07850 66 74 20

Email : Tramadol Buying

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